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We design and develop brand focused websites for small businesses, startups, and nonprofits.

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This is one of our favorite client projects in SnapRefund. We had much fun working with Cody and Anis as they were in search for a company to work on a promotion page for their product, SnapRefund.SnapRefund is a digital payment platform for businesses that provides flexible and secure instant payments that meet people wherever they are.




Cody Eddings of SnapRefund

I'm a Web Developer based out of New Jersey

Being a highly resourceful individual, I have substantial years of experience in devising and implementing effective plans in collaboration with cross-functional teams, along with identifying, designing, and deploying innovative technical solutions for improved systems and maximum client satisfaction.When I'm not coding, I love to travel and learn new hobbies! I love to invest in Forex, Crypto, and Crowdfunding, I like researching in Finance, Athletic Training, and the Alkaline Diet.

Our Process

  • Step 1: Gather Requirements and Project Details

  • Step 2: Gather Content

  • Step 3: Sketch the Concept of the Design

  • Step 4: High-Quality Design Concept

  • Step 5: Import Design in Platform

  • Step 6: Website Testing

  • Step 7: Site Launch

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